ODii – The Ultimate Grab-it Gadget and Pick up Tool

We are very proud to announce that our Kickstarter campaign was 202% funded!  Within our campaign, we pre-sold over 650 ODii pick up tools in just 30 days.  We are also excited to reveal that we are now officially a vendor of Bed, Bath and Beyond nationally and Canadian Tire nationally. We will be available in select Rona, Home Hardware, Audi and various other vehicle accessory stores.

Our first product shipment arrives on September 7, 2015 which consists of 1,000 units and our next shipment which will be sailing soon consists of over 5,000 units.  In other news, the ODii family is growing…….ODii will be introducing its pick up tool cousin that will be focused on more industrial applications.  Stay tuned for more exciting news.

ODii Team